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“Your  brand is what defines you -  let us build it.”

Developing a brand strategy that is suitable for our client's image and its products. For a new business we will conceptualise and develop a corporate identity and strategy that best suits our clients and
consumers needs as well as gives it an edge over its competitors. For an existing entity the following options can also be applied: line extensions, existing brand names extended to new form sizes, and flavors from existing product categories; brand extensions, existing brand names extended to new product category; multi-brands, new brand names introduced in the same product category; or new brands, new brand names in new product categories.  We also develop a comprehensive, customized program that integrates and aligns PR with other branding efforts and overall company goals. We develop and execute a strategic plan, message development and tactical campaigns that build on your positioning initiatives to generate constant, wide-ranging media coverage. The first step is to understand your position in the market and the media.


"Be the change you wish to see in the world" - Gandhi

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